Versalift VST-7500-I Articulated / Telescopic Aerial Bucket Trucks with Optional Material Handling

VST7500 Bucket Truck

80 Feet of Working Height
47 Feet of Horizontal Reach
33,000 GVWR Non-FET Chassis

Versalift Bucket Trucks
Bucket Truck
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TIME created the concept and introduced the design of the Versalift VST-7500, the only machine on the market that offers 80 feet of working height and 47 feet of horizontal reach, and over 5,000 lbs. of payload capacity all on a single rear axle chassis. This originality is a core tradition of TIME Manufacturing Co. and allows us Versalift VST7500 Bucket Trucksto always be a step ahead of competitive machines with innovative features and proven reliability. The unique and customizable design of the Versalift VST Series ensures that you receive a quality- engineered product that meets our industry-specific needs. Each model can be further customized to include a variety of options that enhance the overall capabilities of the unit.

The Versalift VST-7500 is the only telescopic/articulated machine on the market that offers 80 feet of working height on a 33,000 GVWR, non-FET chassis. This unique configuration gives you both the height to tackle almost any size pole, and the compactness that allows you to work in the tightest working areas.

Inspection time is reduced through the effective use of torque stripe on all critical fasteners. Operators may quickly perform a visual walk around inspection of the Versalift VST Series prior to use to determine if all bolts are securely fastened and the unit is safe for mechanical operation.

The Versalift VST Series is available with a removable jib & winch increasing its flexibility and allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications. With the platform support mounted jib and 180º rotator, setup time decreases and productivity increases as there is less need for accuracy when determining distance to the work site. Operators can more easily get the load to the work area. In addition, the platform support mounted jib is self-leveling which automatically levels the load as the boom is raised or lowered. The operator is able to focus more on load placement and less on load leveling.Bucket TruckVST-7500

Ensuring that dielectric integrity is maintained is a necessity. The Versalift VST Series maintains a minimum insulation gap of 108 inches with the fiberglass inner boom fully retracted. This allows a Category C, 46KV rating with the fiberglass inner boom in any position, including fully retracted. The VST-7500 is also available with Category B, 69 KV or Category A certifications, increasing it’s flexibility and allowing it to be used in a wider variety of applications. You save money by having one machine capable of performing work that most often requires multiple and different types of units.

There is no mandatory rebuild on the Versalift VST Series because it is designed and built to last. Besides reducing lifecycle costs in pure dollars and cents, the Versalift VST Series also gives superior reliability and serviceability over time.

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS (Based on 40 in. (1.02 m) Frame Height)

Horizontal Reach 46 ft 10in (14.3m)
Maximum Platform Capacity 800 lbs (360kg)
Lower Boom Lift Eye Capacity 1500 lbs (680kg)
Maximum Jib Capacity 2000 lbs (907kg)
With Standard Pedestal
Height to Bottom of Platform 75 ft (22.9m)
Working Height 85 ft (25.9m)
Stowed Travel Height 12 ft 5 in (3.8m)
Hydraulic System
Operating Pressure 3000 PSI (205 kg/cm2)
Flow Rate 10 GPM (38 lpm)
Filtration 10 micron return
100 mesh section
System Type Open center
Power Source PTO Pump
VST7500-I Platform Aerial
VST-7500 Chassis

  1. Specifications may vary without prior notification
  2. Required GVWR can vary significantly with chassis, lift mountings location, service body, accessories, and desired payload.

  • Multiple Outrigger Options
  • Second Set of Tool Power Ports
  • Lifting Eye
  • Outrigger/Boom Interlock System
  • Emergency Power
  • Material Handling Jib & Winch with Hydraulic Extension and Articulation
  • Two-Speed Manual Throttle Control
Optionals Material Handling Jib
Optional Material Handling Jib & Winch provides upto
2,000 lbs. of material handling capacity.