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The Select Dump TruckBuild it Your Way

The Select body program allows you to essentially design your own dump body without incurring the extra cost and leadtime normally associated with custom designed products. Crysteel’s industry exclusive “Build it Your Way” program is more than just a concept — it’s a customer-driven ordering system that makes manufacturing to specific requests a reality.

Select between traditional square body styles or elliptical bodies, and then choose the best steel for the floor, sides, and ends to fit real-world applications.

A complete list of options are available for front design, side height and bracing, tailgate design and understructure. Additional accessories further customize your Crysteel Select dump body such as cab shields, fenders and ladders. Crysteel’s 5-year warranty is not an option, it is standard on every Select dump body.

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Selecting the proper steel to build your dump body is extremely important to the performance of your body. Steel comes in many strengths and thickness and it is important to know that thicker is not always better. The high strength steels available allow the use of thinner materials that have higher yield ratings to add strength and can reduce body weight significantly. Lighter, stronger bodies increase body life, payload capacity, and hauling revenues. Build your body your way to best fit your applications.

  • Asphalt Contractors: As an Asphalt contractor you need functionality and versatility in the dump body you use. Crysteel offers you both the ability to custom design your body with features like a sloped front that promotes better clean out, as well as an asphalt rear that allows you to pull away from a paver box without lowering your body. Being functionally efficient on the job saves time and improves profit margins.
    • Asphalt/Sloped Read
    • Heated Floors
    • Asphalt Apron
    • Sloped Front
  • Public Works Contractors: Providing a clear and concise set of equipment specifications is the key to getting the versatile dump body you need for your fleet. Crysteel can help you develop that perfect body and hoist specification by providing you with key information on different body styles, features and options, plus help you with the types of steel that you need to best deal with the different materials you haul.
    • Western Understructure
    • Roller Combo Hoist
    • Power High-Lift Tailgate
    • Vibrator
  • Demolition Contractors: Designing a dump body to hold up to the rigors of large rock, concrete chunks with rebar, and construction rip-rap requires a little planning and forethought. Crysteel dump bodies can be designed and built to stand up to the toughest stuff you can dish out. All this without sacrificing good looks for performance.
    • Elliptical
    • Power High-Lift Tailgate
    • Vertical & Horizontal Side Braces
    • Double Panel Tailgate
  • General Contractors: You may never know from one day to the next what you might need your dump body to haul. Being able to design a dump body that will handle the tougher loads, yet lighter where it can be, allows you to keep the weight down to maximize the hauling capacity of lighter aggregates. Keeping your costs in line without sacrificing performance can be a challenge, but Crysteel can help you customize a dump body that will fit your application.
    • Sloped Sides with Horizontal Side Brace
    • Sloped/Asphalt Rear
    • Sloped Front with Marathon Hoist
    • Vertical Side Braces

Body Style Options

  • Traditional (Square) Style
    • 8″ radius corners formed between floor and sidewalls to reduce hang up of material
    • Lower load center of gravity

    • Side Options
      • Sloping sides – Sloping sides eliminate the need for sideboards and offer better weight distribution by allowing more payload at the front of the body.
      • Tarprail (upper & lower)
      • Front contoured corner posts
      • Single Panel (with or without fender)
      • Double Panel
      • Vertical and/or horizontal side braces
      • Ladder (rigid or folding)
  • Elliptical Style
    • Smooth, streamline style
    • 18″ radius opening offers easy clean-out
    • Elliptical design resists denting with less flat surface for material to hit
    • Side Options
      • Sloping sides – Sloping sides eliminate the need for sideboards and offer better weight distribution by allowing more payload at the front of the body.
      • Tarprail (upper & lower)
      • Fenders (aluminum or steel) – Full length aluminum fenders are a great side option to save weight while providing a stylish look.
      • Ladder (rigid or folding)

Front Options

  • Sloped Front – Sloped front design allows for far forward mounting of the dump body while providing a convenient area for reservoir and toolbox.
  • Straight Front
  • Bailmont – Bailmount front completely eliminates the doghouse for excellent clean-out and increases capacity.

Rear Options

  • Asphalt Rear – Asphalt tailgate eliminates the need for a spreader apron and allows you to pull away from the paving unit while the body is raised.
  • Sloped Rear
  • Straight Rear
  • Power tailgate (hydraulic or air) – Power tailgate creates an opening 18″ higher than tailgate itself.
  • Tailgate release (manual or air)
  • Patchgate (sliding) – Traditional sliding rear patchgate features easy operation.
  • Multiple rear light configurations
  • Tailgate hardware (7″ or 12″ offset or double link)
  • Tailgate bracing (horizontal, vertical, full rib)

Understructure Options

  • Western Tubular (heated or non-heated understructure) – Western Tubular understructure offers easy cleanup and maintenance with less material hang up.
  • Western I-Beam understructure
  • Interlocking understructure – Interlocking understructure for added strength and rigidity, reduces washboarding.

Hoist Options

  • Roller Combo – The patented Roller Combo hoist is designed to provide more power at breakaway and has power to spare at the end of the cycle.
  • Marathon Telescopic – Marathon Telescopic hoist offers powerful lifting without wasted doghouse space. Features Auto-Bleed TM cylinders.
  • Turbo Telescopic – The Turbo Telescopic hoist is known for its high quality and reliability. Features AutoBleed TM cylinders.
  • View PDF product literature for full hoist specifications

Additional Options

  • Cabshields
  • Pull or Electric Asphalt Tarp
  • Solid Poly Side Boards
  • Spillshields
  • Poly Fenders
  • Vibrator (installed)
  • Ladder (rigid or folding)
  • Steps inside body
  • Sloped Front Toolbox

To view the Select Build Sheet (PDF) click here.

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