VMAC Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors

VMAC Air Compressors
The World Leader in Mobile Air Solutions.

VMAC, which stands for Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors, is a Division of Mangonel Investments Corporation in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.  VMAC is a world-leader in the development of onboard mobile air compressor technology used in the industrial and commercial truck equipment industry.

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VMAC engineers and manufactures 70cfm and 150cfm UNDERHOOD Air Compressor Systems, 60cfm PREDATAIR hydraulic driven Air Compressor Systems and THROTTLE COMMANDER 3-speed engine throttle controls.  UNDERHOOD and PREDATAIR Air Compressors feature high-powered rotary screw air-on-demand technology.  Both systems are ideal for use on work trucks in applications such as mining, construction, tire-service, fire-apparatus and municipal operations.  THROTTLE COMMANDER throttle controls are easy to install idle up speed controllers activated with a 12-volt signal.  Designed for electronic and non-electronic engines, these load sensing throttle controls will follow a preset programmed rpm setting.

VMAC’s success comes from working with customers to determine what their air compressor needs are and then surpassing those needs with unparalleled product quality and innovation.  By regularly introducing new and innovative products to the market, VMAC ensures it remains the leader in onboard mobile air compressor technology

VMAC UNDERHOOD Air Compressor Systems

Need Air?  That’s easy – YES, of course – what service truck, utility truck or job site doesn’t?  But what is the best source?  VMAC is recognized as a leader in the development of world-class mobile air compressor systems.  VMAC has revolutionized the mobile compressed air industry with patented Rotary Screw compressor system technology.  Save valuable hitch space or deck space by mounting your air compressor UNDERHOOD.

System at a glance:Underhood Air Compressor

  • 70 and 150 cfm systems available
  • Up to 175 psi
  • Fits most popular work trucks
  • Smallest and highest output in its class
  • Air-on-demand technology
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Mounts UNDERHOOD
  • 2-year limited warranty

UNDERHOOD compressor system advantages:

  • Approximate total VR70 system weight is 136lbs.  Approximate total VR140 system weight is 206lbs.
  • One lightweight tank/separator, easy accessible filtration, two filters in tank.
  • Patented low profile modulating high flow inlet valve with air filter.
  • Liquid to liquid cooler, integral with vehicle cooling system (no need for electric fans).
  • Cast aluminum mounting brackets easy installation.
  • Fast customer support.
  • Factory trained certified installers.

Engineering specification:

  • Systems in production for most makes of popular light & Medium duty trucks.  Each system is individually designed specific for the vehicle and is engineered in full collaboration with OEM engineers. 
  • Design of the drive system is done with calculation of belt tension load, and analyzed with software by major OEM belt drive manufactures engineers. 

Bracket design:

  • Digital measuring, Solid modeling and rapid prototyping are used to complete cast bracket design. Allowing quick accurate designs for new trucks on or off site.
  • All designs completed in Solid Works

System design & testing:

  • Up to 2000 hrs durability and life tests on new designs.
  • Each system has CFM / RPM study conformation.
  • Cast brackets are subjected to computerized stress testing to 10g and 600 lbs static load tests.
  • Final belt alignment is checked by .010″ laser alignment.
  • Completed system design is tested 8 hours continual running air system at various CFM.
  • 100 kms highway driving all speeds.
  • 20 kms off road testing.
  • High pressure water aquaplane testing.
  • Belt behavior with high speed video camera mounted underhood.

PREDATAIR Hydraulic Above Deck Compressors


The PREDATAIR is the revolutionary new hydraulic air compressor engineered and manufactured by VMAC to meet the demands of the most challenging applications. 


The power of information.  Equipped with a remote digital LCD control unit, operators can now monitor hydraulic and compressor oil temperature, pressure, system hours and error logs, for on-the-spot analysis and troubleshooting.

Work in extreme climates.  Built-in freeze protection and an over-temp safety switch defend the system from severe heat and cold, extending system life. 

Standby and save costs.  The PREDATAIR is designed with a standby mode that helps maximize service intervals and system life.  When you stop using air, the system goes into standby.  When you start using air again, the system automatically restarts, generating the air you need.  This saves you fuel costs, maintenance costs and wear on your hydraulic system.


Good things come in small packages.  The PREDATAIR utilizes the latest in compact air compressor technology, ensuring a complete air system including cooler, compressor, and components from a 150LB (dry) package.  Instantly save space and weight for tools and equipment.


Big air to get the job done fast.  The rotary-screw compressor packs up to 40 or 60 CFM, enough muscle to power a diverse range of applications, from 5LB air guns to a 60LB jackhammer.

VMAC stands behind its products.  In a recent dealer survey, VMAC ranks among top suppliers by offering prompt, comprehensive and professional technical and customer support.  A 2-year warranty comes standard on every VMAC air system.

System at a glance:

  • Air output up to 40 CFM or 60 CFM
  • Up to 150 PSI
  • 9-14 GPM required for 40 CFM unit
  • 13-20 GPM required for 60 CFM unit
  • Envelope Size: 16.25” (w) x 24.00” (l) x 18.00” (h)
  • Dry Weight: 150 lbs
  • 2-year limited warranty

Throttle Commander

Throttle Commander is an easy to install idle up throttle controller. Designed for electronic and non-electronic engines, these load sensing throttle controls will follow a preset programmed rpm setting and can be easily adjusted by using an optional Programming Tool. Throttle Commander can be activated from anywhere on the vehicle with a 12-volt signal. Throttle Commander throttle controls are available for numerous applications and designed to fit North American built trucks.

Throttle CommanderThrottle Controls advantages include:

  • Maintains rpm over engine torque loads
  • Easy installation
  • Optional remote variable pendant control
  • 12-Volt activated
  • 3 preset programmable rpm settings
  • Optional Programming Tool safe guards against unauthorized rpm adjustment
  • Immediate response time
  • OEM connectors makes for a clean and simple installation

Lincoln Air Vantage 500

It’s Three in One – Welder, Generator and Air Compressor.

When you need it all, consider the rugged Air Vantage 500 for railroad, mining, heavy-duty construction, and rental fleet use. A direct gear-driven VMAC® compressor, with no belts or clutches to wear out, pumps out plenty of air for arc gouging, plasma cutting or almost any air tool. A powerful 500 amps at 100% duty cycle is enough for almost any stick, TIG, MIG or flux-cored welding project. And, the precision arc starting provided by Lincoln Chopper Technology and Touch-Start™ TIG will make any operator a better welder. Don’t pay extra for plenty of AC generator power – up to 20,000 watts of 3-phase and 12,000 watts of 1-phase is standard. Stainless steel roof and side panels provide added durability and corrosion-resistance. The reliable Cummins® B3.3 water-cooled diesel engine will keep you running – and working – for a long time.Air Vantage 500

Physical specifications:

  • Weight:1,690 lbs. (766 kgs. )
  • Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 50.8 x 32.7 x 63.1
  • Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 1290 x 831 x 1603