Forestry and Tree Care Bucket Trucks available at Versalift East

Forestry Equipment Available at Versalift Southwest

Forestry bucket trucks and accessories are available for purchase at Versalift East. Our tree care and forestry bucket trucks are manufactured by Versalift in Waco, and we maintain an inventory of stock forestry vehicles for sale on-site. The primary goal of the Versalift Forestry Products Division is to deliver the safest, most reliable vehicle-mounted aerial lifts for the vegetation management and tree trimming industries. In addition to forestry and tree care bucket trucks, Versalift East offers specialty equipment and services.



Forestry Trucks


Versalift® has been an innovator in the aerial lift industry since 1965. Since then, the goal of our company has been to provide innovative solutions for our customer’s work practices by building the highest quality aerial lift in the world. The primary focus of the Versalift® Forestry Products division, is on building and stocking the best aerial lift truck for the independent tree trimming and vegetative management market.


From our stock spec forestry units, to a custom built truck, our only concern is on building you a high quality, safe & reliable piece of equipment. If you should have an immediate need for a bucket truck, Versalift® Forestry Products can help. We offer a large selection of packages ready to work. If you prefer to custom build, we have the expertise to engineer you “the perfect truck”. We stock many lifts and chassis ready for assembly into a combination that will fit your company best. The choices for your chassis include Ford and Freightliner. Our packages are:

Forestry Units

The forestry units include the tool boxes and a Southco high capacity, heavy duty chip box. The lifts on our forestry units have working heights available from 45′-75′.

Versalift® Forestry Products VO270E Forestry “Elevator” units have a working height of 75’ 10”. They come with a choice of Allison 2500 RDS or 6 Speed Manual transmissions. We build Freightliner, International, and Ford VO270 Forestry Bucket Trucks. Our standard spec calls for an in-line mounted elevator, but a cross mount elevator is available. In addition, we can customize a 70’ Forestry unit to your specifications. Click to see the spec sheet for our standard Forestry Elevator spec. VO-270E
Versalift® Forestry Products “Metro” SST40EIH Forestry Bucket Trucks reach a working height of just over 45′. At 19,500# GVW, they are a great option for anyone in the tree trimming business that needs a smaller unit. Our standard chassis for this truck is a Ford F550 4 x 4 with a gas engine. With this package, you still get over 4000# payload and a 12000# front winch. The “Metro” unit can also be built on Ford and Dodge diesel chassis. Click to see the spec sheet for our standard Metro Forestry spec . Versalift Forestry Metro


Rear Mount Units

The rear mount unit has the lift mounted at the rear of flatbed. You can choose from a variety of toolbox and pedestal configurations. The lifts on our rear mount units have working heights from 45′-75′.

Versalift® Forestry Products VO270E Rear Mount “Elevator” units have a working height of 75’ 10”. They come with a choice of Allison 2500 RDS or 6 Speed Manual Transmissions. For stock, we build on Freightliner and International 4 x 4 chassis, but 4 x 2 chassis are available. Click to see the spec sheet for our standard Rear Mount Elevator spec.
SST40EIH – Details Coming Soon.
VST52SI – Details Coming Soon


Specialty Equipment & Service

XRV Xtended Reach Forestry UnitsVersalift Forestry Products offers Specialty Equipment & Services, click on the link to see our Skidder Mounts, Skidder Re-mounts and XRV line of concept vehicles.



We have a several facilities located in Pennsylvania and Ohio, with over 100,000 squarefeet built for assembling, repairing, and maintaining equipment. At our main facility in Bethlehem is 52,000 square feet and has everything from overhead cranes and thru bays, to a state of the art drive through paint booth. Our additional facilities has an additional 20,000 square feet for servicing all makes and models of aerials, as well as secure (7) seven acres of storage. We have additional manufacturing capabilities in Canton, OH. Canton is dedicated to building forestry products for major tree trimming and vegetative management fleets. There is also a separate facility for service. We have the People to do the job right, the Service to keep you on the job and the satisfaction of knowing that you are buying the highest Quality product on the market.