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Platform Lifts Available at Versalift East

Platform lifts, able to be mounted onto light- to medium-duty utility trucks, create versatility and maneuverability, while providing a range of working heights of 29’ to 45’. With additional features, including traversing platforms, 360 degree platform rotation and telescoping safety ladders, Delphi products support the utility industry and the railroad industry. Their main market and point of focus is the private and government organizations that manage and maintain highway lighting and signage, as well as traffic signals.


Delphi Body Works Challenger Platform Lifts

Delphi Body Works has been selling aerial towers since 1979 and has acquired the “Challenger Aerial Tower” line in 1991. These aerial towers have increased their market into the ever changing and traffic signal, sign and light rail industries. Delphi Body Works prides itself with a long family history and the ability change and meet the needs of their customers.

We outfit vehicles with safe, reliable aerial work platforms for the traffic signal, sign and utility industries. The Challenger 2900 Series features a traversing platform. The Challenger 3400 Series features a telescoping ladder and a platform that rotates 360 degrees.

Platform Lifts Challenger Aerial Tower 2900 Series
Aerial Lift Challenger Aerial Tower 3400 Series