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Pressure Diggers at Versalift East

Versalift East proudly offers Highway Manufacturing Pressure Diggers and Foundation Pressure Drills. Highway’s most recent offering is the FD-50 Foundation Pressure Drill, which is capable of drilling a hole fifty feet deep. One popular model is the HM-38, a balance of power and maneuverability, it can be mounted onto a wide variety of chassis, including Ford, Perkins, Deutz, Cummins and Caterpillar. A division of ABM Equipment & Supply, Highway Manufacturing was acquired in the 1980’s but it was founded in the 1920’s, and it has enjoyed a reputation for stellar service and longstanding relationships.


Highway Manufacturing is a division of ABM Equipment & Supply, Inc. and is the manufacturer of the Highway brand pressure digger or production diggers. Highway was purchased by ABM Equipment in 1987 and has since added many new models. These models feature some new and exciting design changes to better serve their customers.

Model “HCBMS” Mechanical Pressure Digger

The digger that started it all. This model has been in production for over 60 years. Proving it’s strength in the industry.

Model “HM-25” Mechanical Pressure Digger

With many of the same features as the larger diggers this unit is ideal for the R.E.C.’S, municipalities and contractors.

Model “HM-38” Mechanical Pressure Digger

Highway’s most popular model. Features our industry leading 18″ring gear with a five (5) year factory warranty. This digger redefines the meaning of production and reliability.

Model “HFMS” Mechanical Pressure Digger

Featuring Highway’s  4 1/2″ internally sealed kelly bar and 18″ ring gear. This unit is a true work horse.

Model “FD-50” Mechanical Foundation Drill

The Highway model FD-50 is the latest in the Highway digger lineup.

Model “HH” Hydraulic Pressure Digger

The model “HH” has a direct input into the final drive ring gear, eliminating all right angle drive gear assemblies. This gives the customer a digger with less moving parts to maintain.

Model “HHF” Hydraulic Pressure Digger

The model “HHF” is one of the most powerful hydraulic drive diggers on the market today. With torque’s in the 30,000 ft./lb. range this machine is sure to provide the power you demand in all digging conditions.