Environmentally Friendly & Green Solutions

Environmentally Friendly Solutions at Versalift East

Environmentally friendly equipment options at Versalift East for allow increased efficiency and reduced waste in the daily work activities of a utility fleet. A Hybrid Electric Chassis, manufactured by International Truck & Engine, is one green option. Significant fuel savings are instantly recognized when using this chassis, and tax benefits make it an excellent purchase for some organizations.  Hybrid Electric Drive Aerials help an organization to realize significant fuel savings while an aerial is in use and the bucket truck is parked at the work site. Biodegradable Oils, such as Envirologic Products and Evergreen hydraulic fluids, help to significantly reduce the negative consequences of the oil leaks and spills that often occur in the course of normal fleet operations.

Versalift East Makes Going Green Easy!


If you’re one of many fleets incorporating hybrid and CNG trucks, don’t stop there, incorporate light weight composite truck bodies, and you’ll have a green fleet with good return on investment. It’s all about efficiency, rightsizing, and incorporating lightweight truck equipment. The U.S. Department of Energy states for every 100 pounds of weight added to your vehicle you reduce your MPG by up to 2 percent.

When BrandFX truck bodies are specified it’s often possible to downsize to one of today’s beefier 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton trucks or say good riddance to vans. Of course there are some applications that demand more, however, in service today are thousands of work trucks and vans carrying 1200 lbs. or less payload. We’re talking about thousands of dollars in bottom line life cycle savings per fleet unit. Accomplish up to 50% fuel savings as well. Combine the benefits of rightsizing your truck, buying alternative propulsion vehicles, using lightweight composite truck equipment and re-mounting over 4-5 trucks, to have it all.

Eaton Corporation has been awarded the Blue Sky Award for being first in developing and bringing to market both hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic systems for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Clean, reliable and highly efficient power
Hybrid power isn’t just about fighting the rising costs of fuel. It’s about creating and sustaining a greener future that we can feel good about leaving to our children. It’s about doing what’s right.

Following years of successful development and extensive real-world testing, Eaton has emerged as a market leader in the development and production of hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic power systems for commercial vehicle fleets.

Eaton has invested in three separate hybrid power solutions for commercial vehicles instead of a one-size-fits-all approach:

• Hybrid Electric
• Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist™ (HLA®) System
• Series Hydraulic

Hybrid power is particularly appealing for Class 6, 7 and 8 vehicles, especially in stop-and-go applications.  Also see the available Federal tax credits for hybrid-power commercial vehicles



What is the technology in Green Diesel Technology® vehicles?
This new technology utilizes the benefits of a catalyzed diesel particulate filter and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in combination with an exclusive International engine performance design that significantly lowers the emissions and odor of diesel-powered buses and trucks.

How has International achieved this clean-air diesel breakthrough?
International has always been at the leading edge of diesel technology, frequently showing how to reach clean-air goals efficiently and ahead of government mandates. The Green Diesel Technology vehicle breakthrough is the next step toward diesel power without pollution. International has taken its high-performance, low-emission engine and fitted it with a special converter that runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. The results are brilliant. Particle emissions are reduced by more than 90 percent, which exceeds the stringent truck emission standards proposed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. And it is better than the emissions of the next best alternative — compressed natural gas.


Cut fuel costs and contribute to a positive change for the environment with all-aluminum Reading truck bodies.

It is estimated that fleet managers who utilize less-weight truck bodies may realize fuel cost savings in excess of 10 percent, depending on body and chassis configuration. Aluminum bodies are typically 50 percent lighter than traditional steel bodies, also resulting in improved life for suspensions and tires.

45% Lighter than Steel*
12% Fuel Savings*
100% Reading Rugged

Every aluminum truck body is built with Reading’s strict standards for durability, and is backed by a 10-year structural, and corrosion limited warranty.

Reading Truck Body has a long and proven history – more than 25 years – of successfully manufacturing aluminum truck bodies of all sizes.


By maintaining the industry standard requirements for high-performance products coupled with a unique base-oil technology, Terresolve offers a high-quality performance fluid in an environmentally preferable product line. Whether the application is industrial or commercial, Terresolve’s complete product line meets and exceeds customer demands while pioneering a more environmentally responsible marketplace.

In today’s fast-paced, demanding world, specialty lubricants and functional fluids are expected to stand up under the most adverse, strenuous conditions. At Terresolve, high-performance products incorporate a multitude of fluid performance characteristics enabling high-performance equipment to function at its best, while maintaining the Terresolve environmentally preferable standard. The combination of Terresolve’s proven track record and customer’s established brand awareness brings consumer loyalty along with environmental responsibility producing a champion combination.