Evergreen Hydraulic Fluid

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Evergreen Hydraulic Fluid

  • Improve Equipment Performance
    • Improve Dielectric Strength
    • Increase Energy Efficiency
    • Better Viscosity Index
  • Reduce Fines
  • Reduce Clean-up Costs
  • Compatible with Petroleum

If an accidental spill occurs, READILY Biodegradable Evergreen hydraulic fluids break down over 90% in just 28 days…with no special clean up procedures.

Evergreen Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Lubricant contamination from leakage, spills or broken hoses and fittings are a fact of life. The disastrous after-effects need not be. Non-toxic and readily biodegradable, Evergreen Hydraulic Fluids can be used as direct replacements for petroleum-based fluids. These unique fluids not only improve equipment performance but break down rapidly in the environment, avoiding costly clean-ups and fines. Best suited for applications between -30°F to 220°F. ISO Viscosity Grade 22.

Evergreen 22 is the
standard hydraulic oil used in all
Versalift aerials built at Versalift East starting 3/17/2009 and can be purchased through the Versalift East Online Store!

Biodgradable Hydraulic Oil