Versalift Hybrid Electric Drive Aerials

Hybrid Electric Drive UnitVersalift Hybrid Electric Drive Aerials

  • Multiple charge options
  • Self contained electro-hydraulic packages for operating aerial buckets
  • Makes sense (hybrid when
    you really need it)
  • Available on F550 chassis
  • Takes the place of PTO (Power takeoff operation)
  • Quiet opereration
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost battery vs. Lit. Ion
  • Proven design (since 1973)
  • Uses the electric grid (PHED)
  • 60% cheaper than hybrid electric chassis
  • Saves fuel…pays you back
  • Hybrid when you want it most…when the aerial is operating
  • Operates with engine turned off
  • Operates bucket, hydraulic tools, outriggers at normal speed
  • Electric Drive UnitExhaust fumes are eliminated
  • Savings of 30% on down time
  • Daily operation on battery charge
  • Recharges from standard truck alternator
  • Accessory 12 volt power provided for tools
  • Standard chassis…no need to worry about support, or a complicated chassis drive system
  • Extensively tested an proven with (25) years of field operation

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