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DMF Hi-Rail Equipment


Diversified Metal Fabricators is a company dedicated to keeping the railroad industry moving. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, DMF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of hi-rail equipment used to build and maintain the lifeline of the railroad. DMF is family owned and operated with over thirty years of experience in the railgear industry.

DMF is a customer driven company which designs custom products to help their clients meet special needs. One of those products is DMF’s patented Rail-Roader rail guidewheels which make it easy for crews to get on and off the railroad track at a crossing.

Always looking for ways to improve its products and develop more custom applications, DMF utilizes the most advanced computers, robotics and equipment. But it’s the highly skilled team of engineers, installers, machinists, welders and sales support professionals that make the DMF Difference!

DMF has supplied every Class 1 railroad in the United States with equipment, and is the supplier of choice for many of the major carriers, short line railroads, railroad contractors, and urban commuter transit systems. DMF also serves customers in Canada and Mexico.

The bottom line: Diversified Metal Fabricators is synonymous with increased maintenance efficiency, and maintenance efficiency not only means increased profitability, it improves the quality of services the railroads are able to provide.


Light-Duty Railgear

RW-1013 Picture RW-1013 for Pick-ups & SUVs
For single rear wheel vehicles in the 6,400 to 10,000 GVW class
RW-1013 Picture RW-1015 for Pick-ups & SUVs
For single rear wheel vehicles in the 8,000 to 12,000 GVW class

Medium-Duty Railgear

RW-1019 Picture RW-1019 HD RAILGEAR
For Ford Super Duty F450, F550 and GM 3500 HD
up to 19,000 GVW
RW-1212 Picture RW-1212 RAILGEAR
For chassis up to 28,000 GVW
RW-1420 Picture RW-1420 RAILROADER
For chassis up to 33,000 GVW

Heavy-Duty Railgear

RW-1630/1650 Picture RW-1630/1650 RAILROADER
For chassis over 33,000 GVW