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BrandFX Truck Bodies

At BrandFX, they manufacture truck equipment to fit most every application in your fleet, and offer turn-key installation. BrandFX engineers time saving solutions into every product for superior performance in the field, some of the most notable innovators in the industry are part of our BrandFX family. The attention to the current needs of today’s fleet such as fuel and maintenance savings, shows in everything they make; BrandFX fiberglass service and line bodies, toppers and inserts. Proven designs, innovative thinking, and premium products. All reasons why nothing tops BrandFX Body Company.


Fiberglass Service BodyThe most fuel efficient on the market, our service bodies deliver up to 40% weight savings over steel bodies. This weight savings translates directly into greatly improved operating costs. On average, you will save 2% on fuel, and less weight means lower maintenance cost of tires, brakes, shocks and suspensions, as compared to an equivalent steel body. BrandfX bodies keep their sleek good looks year after year, rust free for life, and able to shrug off minor scrapes and bumps.  BrandFX service bodies easily maintain for the transfer of service life over 2-3 vehicles and bring top dollar in resale values, keeping your fleet looking sharp and running lean.

A place for everything and everything in its place” truly describes what BrandFX Service Bodies offer in the field: More places for everything — for all the tools, equipment, parts, and materials that let you do a more efficient job. More ways to keep everything protected yet instantly accessible, to help extract more productivity from every workday.

From the BFXB 40 LS for compact trucks to the BFXB 84 LS for high-GVW dual-wheel chassis, the five BrandFX Service Body families offer the ideal combination of capacity and configuration for an endless variety of applications. Select the model with the compartment layout and load capability you’re looking for, then choose from our long list of options to tailor your selection precisely to your task.


Fiberglass Line TruckSix basic BrandFX Line Body models, yes. But from there, the sky’s just about the limit. Choose virtually whatever you want, wherever you want it, to arrive at a body so efficient out on the job you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Beyond versatile storage locations and configurations, we offer a long list of optional equipment and accessories with which to meet the needs of even the most highly specialized applications. And remember: every BrandFX Line Body is individually built and meticulously inspected to ensure years of trouble-free service.


Fiberglass InsertSelf-contained BrandFX Inserts come complete with flooring and sidewalls for easy removal and transfer without unloading. They’re built to outlast the vehicle, will fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickups and bed lengths, and offer an array of productivity-enhancing options.

With a BrandFX Insert, you’ll gain all of the benefits a van has to offer and none of the drawbacks. Plus advantages vans can’t begin to match:

  • When equipped with available exterior side compartment doors, tools and cargo can be accessed from outside the vehicle — an easier, faster, more productive proposition than climbing into the back of a van.
  • An Insert can be removed from one truck and installed on another in the field, without unloading. A real benefit in the event of a breakdown.
  • Inserts can outlast two or more chassis — saving thousands of dollars each time — and are not brand specific. Go ahead and switch to a different make of truck. An Insert will fit them all.
  • The pickup-plus-Insert combination gives you the option of factory four-wheel-drive, as opposed to aftermarket 4WD with a van. The vehicle gets into the field weeks sooner, and with all of the drive train integrity the manufacturer intended.

As if the above advantages weren’t enough, how about lower initial cost plus higher resale? A pickup typically costs less to purchase than a van; its added resale stems from superior versatility and the broader appeal pickups enjoy, even among non-commercial users.

More utility, more productivity, more value. With advantages like these, the wisdom of choosing a BrandFX Insert will show up on your bottom line.


Fiberglass Truck TopperVersatile, practical, affordable BrandFX Toppers are designed for easy removal and available for all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup models and bed sizes.

With a BrandFX Topper, you’re assured of equivalent strength and durability in a product weighing considerably less than steel or aluminum. Which means less fuel consumed in every mile of operation, or the ability to haul more tools and equipment.

Composite construction also provides worry-free, rust-free performance for the life of your vehicle. And fiberglass has the flexibility to absorb impacts that routinely dent metal. What’s more, a BrandFX Topper won’t warp, weaken from fatigue, or need painting, so it will maintain its like-new appearance indefinitely.

BrandFX Toppers offer the shelving, drawer, cabinet, and lighting options to make your truck a more productive mobile storage space and workplace.