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Auto-Bleed™ Cylinders

Crysteel’s patented Auto-Bleed cylinders eliminate the inconvenience and dangers of manual air bleed cylinders. The Auto-Bleed system automatically removes unwanted air from the hydraulic hoist system safely and cleanly.

When the Auto-Bleed cylinder begins to retract, air rises to the top of the cylinder. As the cylinder nears the end of its stroke, the air is forced from the top into a standpipe. This spring-actuated pipe collects the air, which ultimately exits through a hose reservoir. The air is fully removed by the time the cylinder reaches the end of its stroke and retracts completely.

Auto-Bleed cylinders are available exclusively on Crysteel’s StingRay, Turbo and Marathon telescopic hoists.

Like all Crysteel products, the Auto-Bleed is covered by an industry-leading, five-year warranty.

Auto Bleed Cylinders