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Crysteel Manufacturing, Inc. offers the patented Gate Saver, a product designed to change a standard dump body tailgate into a power tailgate. The Gate Saver improves a truck’s operating versatility without the need to replace the entire body. Crysteel’s Gate Saver increases the tailgate opening 15 inches higher than the tailgate itself, allowing up to 6 feet of clearance when dumping. Large debris and bulky items exit quickly and completely.

Provided with an electric motor and hydraulic pump, no PTO is required with the Gate Saver.

The Gate Saver is pre-assembled for simple installation and will adapt to most manufacturers’ dump body tailgates.

Patent # 6,767,173

Gate Saver GateSaver
Improve nearly any truck’s versatility and performance with Crysteel’s patented Gate Saver high-lift power tailgate. Change a standard tailgate into a power tailgate with the Crysteel GateSaver retrofit tailgate kit. No need to replace the tailgate.