Dakota Truck Bodies

Dakota Bodies

Dakota Truck Bodies

Standard Features:

Galvanneal (A-60) is the primary metal used in Dakota Bodies, Inc. bodies. Galvanneal is corrosion resistant steel which is heat treated after coating to produce a zinc-iron alloy. Galvanneal is particularly suited for applications such as bodies because of its resistance to corrosion and the ability to be formed without impairing its paint ability or corrosion resistance.

Quality Construction (Standard Materials)

  • 16 gauge galvanneal coated steel exterior
  • 12 gauge galvanneal tread plate compartment tops on line bodies, and 16 gauge galvanneal on service bodies
  • 12 gauge tread plate floor
  • 18 gauge galvanneal inner and outer door panels
  • All doors are double panel construction
  • 18 gauge galvanized shelving
  • Automotive style rotary door latches
  • Automotive bulb-type weather stripping
  • Chain stops on all doors
  • Rubber rolled crown-type fenders
  • Stainless steel rod and socket door hinge
  • Completely prime painted

Double Panel Galvanneal Doors

Dakota Bodies, Inc. uses 18 gauge galvanneal in all of its doors. The inner panel is fastened to the outer panel, incorporating an internal stiffner for strength and rigity.

Rod and Socket Hinges

The stainless steel door hinge rods are rolled into the door hem.  The rod sockets are made of stainless steel for ease of operation in all weather conditions.

Automotive Type Rotary Latches

  • Door latches feature a fully waterproof, zinc-coated steel construction.
  • When latch is in the safety position, it protrudes to warn when door is not fully latched.
  • Rotary latch engagement for more positive and secure locking.

Body Understructure

  • Our body understructure consists of both channels and flat materials. Channel is used (6″ x 8.2 lb.) in areas when high stress, i.e. area under horizontal compartments, through tunnels and areas where a digger or aerial will be mounted.

Automotive Bulb-Type Weather Stripping

  • All bodies are supplied with the unique type of weather stripping, offering excellent resistance from the effects of weather and corrosion.

  • Compartment size
  • Interior configuration
  • Transverse Compartments
  • Spring loaded door holders
  • Compartment lights
  • Tailshelves
  • Recessed rear lighting
  • Wheel chock storage
  • Access steps
  • Body construction (materials)
  • Latch variations
  • Spring loaded master door
  • Locking system
  • Access grab handles
  • Flip-top compartments
  • Tool boxes
  • Expanded metal baskets
  • Hot stick boxes
  • Material rails and hooks
  • Tailgates
  • Grip strut compartment tops
  • Through compartments
  • Gas strut assisted doors
  • Ladder storage
  • Outrigger cutouts
  • Outrigger pad holders
  • Subframe installation
Dakota Body Custom Options