Ox Bodies

Today, Ox manufactures, installs, and delivers more dump bodies than any other company in the USA. We operate out of 3 primary facilities, encompassing more than 500,000 square feet on over 115 acres.

Ox Bodies

Ox Bodies brand is known for delivering innovative, rugged, high-performance truck bodies and related equipment – and for our commitment to superior customer service. We maintain our own fleet of delivery trucks and excel at quick-turnaround.Ox became part of the TBEI Inc. family in August of 2005, and are integrating manufacturing “best practices”, new technology, and the marketing synergies of our sister companies to accelerate our commitment to even higher levels of quality, service, and value.


Steel Dump Bodies
  • The Maverick Series The Maverick Body is the classic Ox dump body.  Built in the traditional square style, it features a 3/16” standard steel floor and tailgate, 10 gauge sides and front, stacked understructure, vertical side posts and horizontal tailgate braces.  Body lengths range from 8’ to 19’ long. Our air tailgate release and LED lighting package are also standard features.  The Maverick can be customized up or down to suit your specific application.
  • StampedeThe Stampede SeriesThe Stampede Body is the latest and greatest in the Ox Body stable of dump bodies.  Why elliptical? The 26” curved sides let the body clean out faster when dumping.  By reducing the flat surface area of the floor, this design minimizes the damage that larger objects can cause when dropped from a loader.  Great looks aside, the Stampede is built tough: we fabricate the body sides, floor, and tailgate with extremely durable Hardox 450.  A new XD version of the Stampede is now available for Extreme Duty users
  • Steel Body Features
    • Body Structure
      • Multiple-Gauge-Steel – We offer a broad range of steel types, to build a dump body that accommodates any field application, from 10 gauge mild (36,000 lb yield), to ¼” Hardox 450 (145,000 lb. yield). Whether you’re hauling sand and gravel, or a steady diet of demolition rip-rap, Ox Bodies will design and build the right body for your needs.
      • Rugged Body Understructures – We build our dump bodies with two basic understructures* a traditional stacked style, with tubular steel longsills and cross-members on 12” centers, or
        * a western style (crossmemberless) understructure, in a tubular or “I” beam design.Custom built understructures are available as well.
      • Floors – Ox dumps use a standard 3/16 hi-tensile one piece floor design on our traditional square bodies, with no seams, and 45 degree corners for easy clean out. Our elliptical bodies feature ¼” Hardox 450 material on the floor and 26” radiused side panels. A lapped seam between the floor panel and sides are full length welded, top and bottom, for unparalleled strength.
    • Body Options
      • Insulated BodyInsulated Dump Body – Ox insulates with Perm “R” polystyrene sheeting (3/4″ thick), with horizontal heat flow at 75 degrees. We cover the insulation with polished aluminum panels on the sides and front gate.
      • Push Bar Dump Apron – Rugged and durable push bar dump aprons are a popular add-on to our dump bodies. We make ours with heavy-duty 3″ schedule 80 pipe, and 1/2″ plate gussets.
    • Tailgate OptionsBarn Door Tailgate
      • Heavy-Duty Tailgates – Tailgates take more abuse than any part of a dump body, so solid welds and quality components are critical for maximum durability.We offer straight or slanted tailgates with spreader chains as standard equipment. We weld hardened bushings with grease fittings into the top of the tailgate hinges, which turn on a stationary pin to minimize wear.As options, we also offer 2-way (barn door) type tailgates, an air operated Hi-Lift tailgate that dramatically increases the vertical opening at the rear for clearing taller loads, coal door chutes, and scow end bodies.
    • Hoists – PTOs – Controls
      • High-Performance Telescopic Cylinders – All Ox dump body hoists feature Parker Hydraulics’ telescopic cylinders.We bolt the front mount onto the truck frame, and the hydraulic reservoir onto the front mount, so that frame flexing can’t damage the reservoir.PTOs Hoist capacities for individual bodies are listed in the Literature section.
      • Pumps/Power Take Off Combinations – For faster operation and enhanced durability, Ox uses Parker Hydraulics’ pumps, and Muncie PTOs.
      • Superior Cab Controls – Our standard cab control features an air shift P.T.O. and cable shift pump. We also offer all air shift, or all cable controls, dual cable controls, or hot shift controls for automatic transmissions. We use rocker switches for the P.T.O., electric tarp and air tailgate, with an additional auxiliary switch location. We also offer indicator lights for the tarp, body up, P.T.O., and other configurations.
    • Lighting & Paint
      • Top-Quality Lighting – Ox Bodies furnishes & installs FMVSS Fed Std 108 lighting packages with LED lights as standard. Our factory plug-in, protected wiring harness ensures trouble free connections and long life.
      • Professional Grade Paint –
        Sherwin-Williams paint enhances the look and durability of your truck body that is engineered to withstand the toughest environments.We have 9 standard fleet colors and offer custom colors to match the cab.
Aluminum BodiesAluminum Bodies
  • Ox is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of Aluminum Bodies, which feature our standard hydraulic and cab control packages.
    They are available in lengths from 12’ to 19’, and from 10 to 21 cubic yard capacity. The body is constructed of ¼” floor and tailgate, and 3/16” sides and front.It also comes standard with 4” I-Beam cross-members on 12” centers, and 5” I-Beam longsills. Our FMVSS 108 LED lighting package is also standard.
Platform & Trash Bodies
  • PlatformsPlatforms – We custom build Platforms and Platform Dumps to satisfy the most demanding applications. Lengths range from 8 to 22 feet with sides and tailgates 12 to 72 inches. We offer many of the classic Ox design features including; rugged cross members, single piece/no-seam flooring, high-performance PTOs, custom cab controls, and professional grade paint.
    • Other noteworthy features:
      • Bulk Heads are standard on Ox Bodies contractor flats. We custom build a variety of styles with features such as a 10”x18” vision hole in the center, covered with expanded metal, and tapered corners to match the cab.
      • Sides and Tailgates: our contractor flats are custom built with several options for sides and tailgates. We offer metal or wood sides, slatted or solid sides, fold down sides, and fixed (stationary) or removable sides in heights ranging from 12 to 72 inches.
      • Quality Lighting: Ox Bodies furnishes & installs FMVSS Fed. Std. 108 LED lighting packages as standard to suit all applications. Our factory plug-in, protected wiring harness ensures trouble-free connections.
  • Trash BodyTrash Bodies – Ox Bodies offers a complete line of top-quality Trash Dump Bodies. These bodies are custom built to your specifications, in lengths ranging from 12′ to 22′ with side heights starting at 12″ up to 72″ in 6″ increments. Ox Trash bodies feature many of our classic design features such as rugged cross members, single piece/no-seam flooring, high-performance PTOs, custom cab controls, professional grade paint, rear barn door tailgates, toolboxes, tarps, and pintle hitches.
    • Tailgates on all trash dump bodies are designed for strength, durability and easy operation. Formed from 10-gauge material, trash dump body barn door style tailgates open from the center and pin to each side. They also feature a double locking safety latch.
    • Standard sides are made from 10-gauge material. Heights range from 12″ to 72″ in 6″ increments. For added support and strength, we weld 3″ square 11-gauge tubing to the top of the sides.
Speciality Equipment
  • Pup Trailers – Ox is expanding its portfolio of pup trailers. We currently offer both Maverick (square body) and Stampede (elliptical) pup trailers, in a full range of sizes.Pup chassis are available with varying tongue lengths and with multiple axles for different State applications.
  • Reel LiftsRoll-Off Hoists – Ox also offers a complete line of roll-off hoists manufactured by Galbreath — from 30,000 pound single axle roll-offs to a 75,000 pound tandem axle unit, with all the options needed to do the job right.
  • Reel Lifts – We designed the Ox Reel Lift body to load and transport large spools of cable for the Utility industry. The hydraulic loading arms pick up a spool of cable and lift it to a rack on the body that holds 2 spools.The spools are secured by a positive locking device for transportation to the work site. A 3rd spool can be transported on the lifting arms.
  • Arborist Truck BodyArborist Body – Ox Bodies offer an Arborist (Chipper) style body for the landscape market. It comes in 12’ to 18’ lengths. The floor is 10-gauge steel and the sides are 12-gauge. The sides are 72” tall with a removable covered top.The unit has a 30” barn-door type rear tailgate that swings around and pins to the side for dumping. It features the Crysteel scissor hoist under the platform for dumping the load. It also comes standard with a combo ball/pintle hitch at the rear.


  • Tarp SystemsLoad Cover (Tarp) Systems – We offer electric or manual tarp systems with heavy-duty aluminum arms as a standard feature (steel optional). Tarp covers are available in vinyl or mesh (vinyl tarps are made from durable 18 oz. vinyl). All tarp motors come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Pusher and Tag Axles – We consider our job at Ox to help you by providing the proper tools to get the job done right. We stock a complete line of Watson & Chalin lift axles: tag and pusher types, as well as rigid and steerable, are available. We also stock an assortment of wheels and tires to mount on your lift axles. (Silent Drive & Hendrickson axles are available upon request.)
  • Pintle HooksPintle Hooks and Hitches – Pintle hitches let you tow heavy equipment trailers behind your dump body. This Ox-installed feature eliminates the more costly and involved process of aftermarket installation. We offer several different pintle hitches to help you get the job done, from an 8-ton combo type to a 50-ton rigid type.
  • Body Vibrators – Ox offers the Vibco DC-3500 body vibrator to help with stubborn loads. Order it with your body to ensure a professional factory installation.