Pole Saws

Pole Saws

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By: Charles Peacock

Pole saws are the answer to trimming hard-to-reach branches. If you find yourself trimming branches quite regularly (even if you’re not a professional), it’s probably a good idea to invest in pole saws. This can save you the effort of having to climb the tree or stand on an unstable ladder while performing your trimming tasks.

What Kinds of Pole Saws Are Available?

The simplest pole saws are basically just a hand saw attached to a long boom arm. These pole saws can be highly effective for trimming thin branches, but they are somewhat difficult to use and can actually be quite unwieldy. These pole saws require you to perform the sawing motion at a great distance from the branch, which can be difficult even if you have a very steady arm.

Pole chain saws are the motorized solution to this problem. They work on a standard gas-powered or electric engine that is usually mounted to the base of the pole. You hold the engine next to your body, and using a trigger you engage the small saw on the other end of the pole.

Balance is very important with pole chain saws, because you don’t want the spinning saw blade moving all over the place when you’re holding it ten feet up in the air. Most good pole chain saws are designed with balance in mind, so they’re actually quite easy to operate. If you do a lot of trimming, investing in a pole chain saw can save you a lot of time and effort.

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